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On April 22nd, 2016, the debut album of the La Malora group for the label Orzorock Music, entitled “MENTAL DISEASE IS CONTAGIOUS”, with the artistic production of Andrea Cavalieri. The band was founded in 2011 in Acqui Terme and immediately began writing pieces in Italian, the musical genre of the group is electro-acoustic, during these years the band consolidates its own experiences and increasingly addresses its own musical identity with security and talent; various formation changes follow one another until the group finds its stability with the right components.

The frontman of the group Sergio Del Sabato explained how this first record work was born and how it developed, and what better presentation if not the words of those who lived this work in the first person from “inside”?: “All the shades of gray forced into two colors, not colors. Black on white screaming contamination. Mental illness is contagious, just like the first word/note written for this album which, like a virus, has possessed every person who participated in its creation. Conception: texts that take inspiration from everything around and within us, which are recognized by an acoustic guitar and torn apart by electricity. ”

The album of these guys is a healthy and focused search for the most hidden sensations, thoughts and emotions, flashes that sail on music that are expressions of the soul, a set of a life lived or dreamed of, memories and moments of one. but at the same time of all. The sound is biting, intense, inspired by the most “bad” rock of the 90s but in a good sense of course. Sometimes obsessive, cadenced, enthralling without a doubt.

In this sense, the song entitled “Claudio Baglioni” is the one that most intrigued me musically, without taking anything away from all the other tracks, equally strong and articulate, the singer’s voice, pure and without frills, a “good” job in the broadest sense of the word. With deliberate and well-mastered contaminations, without ever losing one’s personality; excellent the use of the Italian language, in this sea of ​​rampant English is a comforting lifeboat and a demonstration of true goals. Excellent and recommended !!

Line up

  • Sergio Del Sabato (voice – guitar)
  • Federico Chigo Garbarino (bass voice)
  • Paolo Patanè (drums)
  • Giorgio Viviani (guitar – keyboards)

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