Interview with Loris Fontana

Dollface guitarist

1) How did you approach music? how was your passion born?

I was struck by “Made in Japan” and as a child, a plastic guitar was always one of my favorite games. My parents remember that I heard advertising jingles and I played them again with that guitar

2) Was it easy to follow this passion for you, or did you have difficulty? If yes, which ones?

No difficulty … if not the very bearable one of the study and want to learn!

3) What is your biggest success? And what made you most happy?

…my biggest success? Maybe I have different angles and different priorities from the common thought, for me success is playing with the same conviction and fun as it was the first day, despite the countless problems that are always encountered.

4) I know there’s an album at work, where are the recordings going?

The album is well underway, we have made some program previews conducted by people who were above all in tune with our music and received flattering feedback. The takes are finished and only small details are missing. The album contains songs ranging from Blues, Hard Rock, and many guitars !!!!

5) In the course of your career in the world of music, do you understand what people like or understand it is like the search for the sacred Grail?

I think that first of all he likes sincerity, even if often he who thinks aloud risks being accused of being a nuisance, but there are some things on which it is very difficult to be silent …….

6) What do you think about today’s music scene?

there are many bands in the underground that are splendid realities, the problem is that perhaps by dint of proposing the usual things that reproduce others, we risk the suffocation of art and creativity, to the detriment of worthy performers and reproducers of not their music.

7) What does music mean to you?

Music is a beautiful art, which I believe does not deserve to be ghettoized or worse sectarianized. Unfortunately, this is what is happening, because the mass, evidently moved by driven tastes, is, without doubt, the judge of itself.

Nevertheless, I am not complaining even a little since my music and my playing is always a source of interest and compliments…

8) How are your songs born?

they are ideas about progressions, a lot is born jammando with the boys of the band, I often feel the arrival of the right idea and I play it in my head if I don’t have a guitar and I memorize it…

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