Interview with Giampaolo Magaraggia

Wit Matrix guitarist

Today we go to meet one of the Wit Matrix guitarists: Giampaolo Magaraggia, friend and fellow countryman.

Here is how it is told in this interview for the QuadriProject:

1) How did you approach music? how was your passion born?

I started listening to Bee Gees music, I liked a particular song “Tragedy”, then I listened to Supertramp, that rather singular pop different from many ways of “making” music. Although at that time I was not expert enough to be able to appreciate it, but I already had my “palate”, for then (it will seem impossible) to come to appreciate and deeply love “the wall”! At that time I did the first media … and from there I decided that I liked the electric guitar …

2) Was it easy to follow this passion for you, or did you have difficulty? If yes, which ones?

Let’s say that it is never easy to learn to play an instrument. The guitar then at least to me has always given very slow and sweaty results, but as you learn and appreciate what you “get” out of your hands you become more and more demanding and curious. The biggest difficulties I encountered with the economic aspect, the guitars cost, and I remember that when I learned, I felt I deserved more and more, and then for me it became a passion to try new guitars around shops like at “midnight” and “De Toni” only that sometimes I came home as a child deprived of the Christmas present, in short, I felt a tool and for me it was a beautiful feeling, I felt the “vibration” I had to have it …

3) What is your biggest success? And what made you most happy?

My biggest success is having played in front of thousands of people in Maribor in Slovenia a few years ago, I remember the feeling as I climbed the steps to go on stage and saw the thousands of faces that were staring at us in silence, I had a moment hesitantly I thought to myself: “What am I doing here? these expect a band of those tough .. “we started with a head down a little hesitant, but after the first chords of” in the flesh “when people applauded and shouted, I felt an adrenaline rush never felt before, the nice thing is that I managed to give it back to the public through the music of Pink. I do not know exactly how many presences were that evening but I assure you that I saw them as far as the eye could see …

4) Have you collaborated with other successful artists? important collaborations?

I had collaborations …, let’s say I played with Ricky Portera, and with Durga Mcbroom, two absolutely fantastic characters, Ricky in particular, a very respectable guitarist with a humility of a long-time friend, while for Durga, unfortunately, I don’t speak English ( away of a few sentences of circumstance – ok, yes, good morning …) but with her I felt pampered and appreciated immediately.

5) In the course of your musical career have you understood what people like or understand it is like the search for the sacred Grail?

People like music played well, people are not stupid, they know exactly what they want, even when we ask for an entry price for our concerts we feel obliged to the public to “give” a show adequate to the value of money spent those who came to hear/see… Then to understand what the mass like today is really very difficult I have to make amends… times change and rock no longer interests us as in our times (the most beautiful 70/80 years).

6) What do you think about today’s music scene?

Today’s music scene sadly saddens me, I’m sure there are respectable musicians who play very well but who will stay in the “cellar” forever, maybe you met them, or you know them, and you know you will never see them traveling in limousines, but you know they would deserve more than others who may have had luck, or they were there at the right time in the right place, with the right friend ..

7) What does it mean to you as a musician?

For me, being a musician is the best way to give a part of my soul to the people who come to hear me, even if everyone didn’t like it, oh well, the world is great and everyone has tastes that must be respected. Do you think that squalor if everyone liked the same music .. In conclusion I want to say to all those guys who want to make their own music, to continue, to try, to be stubborn at times if necessary, music is a HEALTHY fun, living it from within is a nice thing, it makes you meet new people you make new friends like sport, it helps you to live well in contact with others!

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