Interview with Francesco Corona

Continuing the search for Vicentini musicians, today we meet Francesco Corona. A well-known multi-instrumentalist in the Vicenza musical world, he tells us a little about himself in this mini-interview:

1) How did you approach music? how was your passion born?

Approaching music for sure thanks to the paternal transmission of the good Ciccio Corona, who like a good singer and guitar player, gave me the genes of the drummer…with a diploma at the conservatory and affirmed awareness and passion for this instrument. Of course, then I play bass, guitar, keyboards, song, and even the trumpet.

2) Was it easy to follow this passion for you, or did you have difficulty? If yes, which ones?

Certainly, I only ever did this in life, graduating at age 19 and starting to teach, but already at 12, I remember on some stage and little place. Many bands simultaneously, different genres (Celtic music, dance, blues, revival, various tributes, orchestra, musicals, country, pop, etc, etc) that lead me over time to experience the stage, different sectors, musicality, tricks of the trade, knowledge of people and the emergence of professionalism ‘. There are those who remain inside and those who are magically sawed off. This only fate knows. A lot of passion, keeping up with the times and breaking the backside. Never think of having arrived, but rather of always being on the first level, that if you look around you there are phenomena and younger people, with surely more possibilities, that you like to come and go. Don’t be mona! Don’t be the butt mounted! Humility, smile, professionalism and ahead of that there is a right place for everyone. To each his own.

3) What is your biggest success? And what made you most happy?

Honestly, I don’t have great international visible things to be able to exhibit. The highlight was a participation in a Tenco award on RAI DUE in 2006 and participation in the Pistoia blues 2006 on the same stage where BBKing performed in the evening. I could list the CDs or particular situations, but I have colleagues who really deserve to do it and I actually feel like a fool. With this, I don’t have any problems because I know how much I am worth and the esteem that people express to me.

4) Have you collaborated with other successful artists? important collaborations?

Long-lasting tournaments style collaborations? ahh, would have been or will be a pleasure. I have names / nicknames that have their reason: Marco Paolini, Paolo Belli, Vittorio Matteucci, Gio di Tonno, Marco Guerzoni, Lorenzo Frizzera, Federico Straga ‘, Patrizia Laquidara, Brendan Hoban, Benito Madonna, Massimo Moriconi, Ruggero Robin, Red Canzian, Leon Speier, Massimo De Bernard, Rudy Rotta, Lisa Hunt. Stuff and touches….

5) In the course of your musical career have you understood what people like or understand it is like the search for the sacred Grail?

Well, I realized that people in Vicenza like beer and chick. Personally and musically I am tied to the music that you understand, the one that makes you understand an A a B, even a C … that is pop, jazz, death metal. Then what other people like I don’t know, what I do to people like, because I do it with passion, enthusiasm and convey my personality.

6) What do you think about today’s music scene?

Of the music scene, I think the winner is someone who tries something new, you must have the stroke of genius. Be sure that those who follow up continue with the practice of copying paste. Maybe up to a certain point they invented new things, then instead you go, not looking for novelties like in medicine, but wanting to merge old things to give birth to bad things, just to say: “I make my music”, “tomorrow I’m in the studio “,” today I am in Milaaaaaano “,” I have the producer “,” I made the record “and then… another one arrives. I believe it is appropriate not to sink into the pursuit of the capillary thing as long as it is new. At an amateur level, you do what you want, at a higher level or you have the stroke of genius of something fresh (good work) or copy something pleasant, which goes to everyone’s ears if you want to emerge …

7) What does it mean to you as a musician?

Being a musician means: being aware that you work with art! That if you have to go-to bread and water tomorrow, whoever has a cornfield and a river will be safe. Music is something to brighten the spirit, knowing then that you are a freelancer and that you have to live with all the pros and cons. Of course, there are pros to kiss the little hands, try to ask those who take turns in the foundry. There are hundreds of roads open in the music sector, it is enough to know how to identify them, make the right ranks, be competitive, there is room for everyone! Obviously, believe it, and know-how to wait for moments of stalemate. Don’t pretend to want to be who knows who (it is not said that it is your destiny), if you are living of music teaching and at the end of each year you fall on your feet, well kissing your hands, that will equal power…my friends have been a pleasure.

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