Bassist, Double Bass Player, and Arranger

Today we know a great bass player as well as a friend who answers under the name of Federico Malaman.

Here is how it is told in this interview for the QuadriProject:

1) How did you approach music? how was your passion born?

The music I breathed at home…My dad played guitar and piano and my mom sang, so I was always watching some homemade concertinos … then my 2 cousins ​​Fabrizio and Giancarlo Malaman are two musicians and for me, they have always been a great point of reference. The music was already at hand…and of the foot since my first approach with an instrument I had it about 5-6 years destroying my dad’s 12 strings, using it as a trampoline

My passion was born slowly, until it became a thing without which, my life would not make sense…The music enters and leaves you no more!

2) Was it easy to follow this passion for you, or did you have difficulty? If yes, which ones?

You always have difficulties when you decide to take the road as a musician: economic, creative, motivational and often, feeling the new generations, you get to have self-esteem at zero. So you have moments where joy spurts and moments where you say “But (beep) is it the case to continue doing life?!?!?!”

The study, the curiosity, the always getting involved and in the discussion, are the only ways (in my opinion) to be able to continue on his path in the winding road of music.

3) What is your biggest success? And what made you most happy?

My biggest professional success is what I have yet to achieve. I’m never happy and I’m always looking for more … I think I’ll never reach it … and maybe that’s why I’m still an explorer musician.

4) Have you collaborated with other successful artists? important collaborations?

I had many collaborations, the one that changed my life and which I consider the most important, was the one with Paolo Belli … I really did everything with him !!!! È Tournè in Italy and abroad, very important RAI television programs; thanks to him I had the honor of playing and, very often, also arranging songs for great artists like Solomon Burke, Al Jarreau, Lucio Dalla, Pooh, Zucchero, Gianna Nannini, Fabio Concato, Giorgia, Alex Baroni, Ron, Renato Zero, Gianni Morandi, Claudio Baglioni, Enrico Ruggeri, and many others … (I thank Francesco Corona for letting me know through the manager from Vicenza, Mauro Longtin).

Then I had other collaborations with artists like George Benson, Antonella Ruggiero. Or I managed to play with my childhood myths, two above all Christian Meyer and Alain Caron !!! Lately, I’ve been collaborating with Stef Burns for his latest album “Roots & Wings” (which I highly recommend, by the way), thanks to Christian Meyer, I collaborated on Alessio Menconi’s new album which will be released probably in late autumn 2014 … I would have other things, but later I would become wordy and too self-congratulatory … I don’t like it 🙂

5) In the course of your musical career have you understood what people like or understand it is like the search for the sacred Grail?

I still don’t understand what I like !!!

Step from listening to Jarrett to Kety Perry with great ease amend

Sincerely, I love things done well… it doesn’t matter the genre from Jazz to Metal, I don’t dislike anyone and I think people need QUALITY!… Point…

6) What do you think about today’s music scene?

The music scene today is so vast that I wouldn’t even know what to say … are they all famous?!?!?

I think the quality on the radio is a little worse, but there is business, no longer “good song or the bad song”, you like the Pio Chick !!!!!…. Luck that there is Youtube that I introduced phenomenal groups like Dirty Loops or extraordinary artists like Jarle Bernhoft !!!

7) … and the locals who make live music?

Locals who make live music?!?!?!

Good question… Filled with tributes of all sorts because they think that ONLY in this way we can attract the public. I have nothing against tribute bands, God forbid, I had one too, I just think that it is right to “risk” a little by giving space ALSO to other quality projects, perhaps always with covers, but with rearranged versions, without falling in imitation of the original.

The important thing is to give people QUALITY! This is!

Among the various musical situations I have, I am proposing 2 groups: the MalaFede PJCT (trio or quartet) and the Pop on Top. The first is instrumental and winks at Jazz, passing through funk, Latin, fusion; the other is a group of covers, rearranged. Want to know how the evenings went with both groups in various clubs? FROM FEAR !!!!!!! Always full PACKED by an enthusiastic audience! AND WE ARE NOT A TAX!… PEOPLE ALSO WANT MORE!… But often, the manager of the place or the artistic director, do not want to “risk”.

8) What does it mean to you as a musician?

Fight for survival, trying to express yourself in the form of sound! It’s the best job in the world. Do you work ??? YES, I WORK!!!

When we understand this concept, being a MUSICIAN will no longer be a struggle for survival. Thank you very much! Faith Malaman

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